About Us

We are AMBE Inc. – Advanced Manufacturing Bilingual Educators.   

We are an Intermediary group for Innovation in Training.

We train in, and help build working relationships between:

  • Business and Industry. We bring solutions to communication barriers that affect costs associated with safety, productivity in the areas of recruiting, training, promotion, and retention.

  • K-12, Colleges, Institutions, and Universities. Training teachers and sharing industry’s best practices for student success, and developing partnerships to train English- and/or Spanish-speakers.

  • Community Organizations/Workforce Development. Servicing clients’ training needs for job attainments and/or advancement to a living wage.

  • Unions. Training union members for value-added growth.

  • Public Officials. Helping to establish public policy for employment and high-value industry certifications.  

We are advocates for the empowerment of workers, Inclusion for all, and removing the barriers that limits self-empowerment.   

AMBE is a Bridge that helps eliminate language barriers and brings solutions to the technical skills gap for the emerging industry 4.0, providing online training ANYWHERE that adds to the quality of work/life balance at school, work, or at home.

Workers’ success is how we measure our success!